Seventh Shade


I’m glad this gray sky’s over

So, I swiped right on Tinder

God, that’s one hell of a summer


It was a match

Silly of you, thinking I’m a catch


You asked for my number

Conversation started

Fuck, I missed dinner


Days went by

Maybe I should give it a try

I want to brighten this gray sky



Listening to Halsey

Holding a beer at my balcony

I can’t keep my eyes wide open

How I wish nights could be shorten


My phone rang…


“I know you don’t want to miss dinner again.”


But, I just need caffeine on my veins


Come tomorrow, let’s meet half way

I’m bored anyway



Words and Photo by Alyanna Castilla

Sixth Shade

Describing her feels like touring me inside a museum

A dark portrait in the corner, I could feel the artist’s fume

A silhouette of a woman, I could see the beauty behind

Aesthetics, chaos, good and the bad, it wasn’t for the blind


All forms of art is a depiction of her,

Should I still care?


Maybe. Yes.


From the very first day,

Our eyes did meet


On the day that we went for a drive,

You already saw what you wanted to see


I didn’t have the eyes and ears

To see and hear

With your confessions, your intentions

Everything’s clear


I loved this gray sky so much,

That I didn’t feel your touch



I finally lived with the idea that we were fading

And that you’re not staying


Everything’s too late now

But I don’t want you to leave town


You were just another shade to fade

You were once my king and I stayed to be your summer fling


“Let’s have coffee some time.”


“Who changed your mind?”


Words and photo by Alyanna Castilla

Fifth Shade

It was a rainy Wednesday

I want to hear your stories about your holiday

If I may


“I will grab some coffee, I’m on my way.”


We sat down, night’s lown

Holding my cup, this affection for you I cannot stop


You started with your sad days,

Then to your happy days,

Then how you spent your Christmas day


To your out of town trips,

With new memories to keep


About your lover, you told me it was over


Smile turned into frown

When you told me about the new girl now


I just wanted to hear about your holiday

About her, you don’t have to say


I can’t seem to lend an ear

For me, it’s clear

I’ll just leave it from here



I had to pause and think about the things you said about her.


I noticed the coffee stain on my shirt, I didn’t mind.

The coffee tasted fine.

Words and photo by Alyanna Castilla